The View Church has been serving the Temecula community and surrounding area for over 20 years with a commitment to see people KNOW God personally, GROW in Him purposefully, and GO forth to serve Him passionately. The fruit of this dedication in hundreds and hundreds of live committed to serving Jesus Christ and community impact from reconstructing homes, to feeding the hungry, to clothing the naked, and even more. We have been faithful to be a church that's necessary in our community, and our track record shows that. We don't want to rest on our past successes, however. God has called us to even more Kingdom work just like this, and we need your help to answer that call. We are believing God that by the year 2020, our church will have reached hundreds more withe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as we continue being faithful to serve our community in His name. Some of the goals that we must reach in order to meet the mark are:

  • 2000 lives touched personally by our weekly ministry
  • 300 new believers
  • 300 new baptisms
  • Purchase of a new permanent church home
  • Thriving Ministries
  • and more!

We've already seen God do some amazing things through this campaign, including revitalizing a Youth Ministry that now enlists over 50 youth and young adult volunteers on a monthly basis in local outreach and leadership in our W.O.W. (Worship Our Way) Services. We are so thankful for the support to this point, but we know that in order to do the greater things God is calling us to, our resources and support must grow as well. This is why we are asking that you prayerfully consider becoming a partner in our Kingdom campaign by investing in our Kingdom campaign. Your faithfulness to support means more opportunities for us to pour out God's love and invest into the destiny of the lives of those we seek to serve. We pray you will partner with us, as we seek our Kingdom Destiny, together.